Message From Principal

With a view to keeping pace with the global trend of using information and communication technology(ICT) for the advancement of education and exploiting the opportunities of the campaign Digital Bangladesh launched by the Government of Bangladesh, the administration of cox’s bazar Government college has recently opened a website ( of the college. The launching is undoubtedly , historic event. It will enhance and ensure connectivity transparency and development of the various activities and programs of the college. Most importantly, it will a window on the world and link cox’s bazar Government college to the rest of the world. People staying at home and abroad will be able to know about the facts and updates of the college.Naturally, Cox’s bazar, being the longest sandy Sea beach in the world, people around the globe have a special interest to know about the best college in this region .
Finally I would like to thank the members of the committee along with teachers, students and staff for their co-operation and service.

Kamrul Ahsan